New Works


Barbara von Enger is a multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture,


installation, photography and film.




100cm X 66cm. Text Auf Aludibond

Through Difficulties To Greatness 2023

Granite/Metal Sculpture Installation

Base Cube 11cm x 11cm x 11cm

Spear 67cm Length

Diameter 1,5cm

Sculpture Installation

Language Adornment, Pieces Of Us


Granite, Metal, Hand Made Leather Sole Sandals, Polished Limestone.

Black Granite Base 33 x 5 x 16, 5 x 7cm. Height: 45cm. Width 11cm.







BAE, 2023

Marble Sculpture

18 cm x 74 - 63 cm x 14 cm


Open-mindedness On A Pedestal, 2023

White Marble/Black Granite

30 x18 x 29